About us

VCM Equi Partner is a multiservice platform presenting the activities of VC stables & Marisse BV aimed at delivering comprehensive solutions for the legal, managerial, regulatory and IT needs of equestrian professionals and individuals. Caroline Lejeune and Isabelle Dupré bring together a shared passion and complementary expertise in the field. Whether you're looking for counsel, guidance, or a specific solution, our goal is to support you in making informed decisions and achieving success in your equestrian activities.

Caroline Lejeune

Caroline Lejeune

Caroline Lejeune has been an entrepreneur for 22 years.

Guided by her values, she has built her life and career around respect, active listening, honesty, integrity and boldness.

Smiling and with a great sense of humor, she has an exceptional ability to establish contacts, build relationships and create a healthy and trusting atmosphere with others, whether they are clients, collaborators, peers or partners.

Initially a real estate agent, Caroline took a step forward in 2010 by taking over the LIBOY LEJEUNE agency where she had always worked. Today, she continues to develop and manage the agency. In 2019, she was chosen to become the president of the Walloon Real Estate Federation of Brussels in Belgium, a position she still holds today.

Passionate about the equine world, she succeeded in combining passion and work by co-founding VCM Equi Partner in 2023 with Isabelle Dupré.

Thanks to her negotiation and communication skills, Caroline manages meetings with senior executives and institutions. She is also an accomplished media and conference speaker, advocating on behalf of her clients' interests and needs.

In short, Caroline knows how to mobilize all the resources at her disposal and her own experience for the benefit of the client and the issues at stake.


Isabelle Dupre

1971, Ghent Belgium,

Master in Law KU Leuven
Director & Senior Consultant Legal Marisse BV
Mediator in civil and commercial affairs
Lecturer business organisation for equestrian professionals SYNTRA Flanders
BLOSO Horse Trainer

Dutch, French and English speaking & writing.

Founder and director of Marisse BV, specialised in legal & IT consultancy services for public authorities, liberal professions, non-profit and private companies.

Founder of The Marissehof, specialised in training, competing and selling of own bred sporthorses (BWP, KWPN) for (inter)national dressage and showjumping.

Identifying the needs of our clients and development of tailormade, clear solutions is what we offer.

Quality, integrity, involvement and transparency is where we stand for.

Using our extensive experience, skills and network as a legal and horse professional, we aim to provide our clients the best of both worlds.

Isabelle Dupré